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Traveling Polar Bears

Tromping through their land of ice and snow, Traveling Polar Bears!  The loose material used here is unlikely...Israeli couscous and tapioca!  This is a favorite as the children use their scoops to fill, dump, and maneuver the couscous blend amongst the clear diamond-shaped jewels.

To create this playtray

1.  This playtray scene works better in a large bin instead of a tray in order to contain the couscous blend.

2.  Begin with some polar bears.

3.  Purchase a large quantity of Israeli couscous and add some tapioca.

4.  Add some clear diamond-shaped jewels.

5.  Find some scoops (or bamboo tea strainers).

6.  Then add chunks of Amazonite (or other iceberg like materials.)

7. Click here for a printable Traveling Polar Bears idea card and have fun!

See what it looks like when children get their hands on Traveling Polar Bears!


Anonymous said...

I love all your wonderful ideas! just wanting to know what the name of the beautiful music is that you play on your video clips.

Nicole said...

I am glad that you are enjoying some of
our playtray ideas! The music here was just taken from the Flip video program. It's very soothing, isn't it?

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