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Tons of Turtles

Tons of Turtles is tons of fun!  And what makes this playtray really fun is the large quantity of lentils that children can move around and drop through the cholla log to sound like a rain stick.  Lima beans make for great turtle eggs that can be placed in the middle of a napkin ring if it happens to be nesting season!  Don't be surprised if the ants want to join in on the fun!

To create this playtray:

1.  Set your scene in a large bin.
2.  Fill your bin with many bags of lentils found at your local grocery store.

3.  Collect a variety of turtles, including hatchlings.  Ours are from Safari, Ltd.

4.  Find some smooth stones, 

5.  some natural looking napkin rings,

6. a cholla log (maybe found at a pet or craft store),

7.  and some lima beans.

8.  Stainless steel condiment cups always work well for filling and dumping.

9.  Then perhaps some short sticks,

10.  and wooden bones!

11.  And then bring on the ants!

12.  Have some fun and then try moving materials to a playtray
with much fewer lentils for another play experience!

Click here for a printable Tons of Turtles idea card.


Natalie said...

HI, Nicole...so I always LOVE the animals! I tried to find the turtles online, but didn't see them. Do you have any to purchase or can you tell me who made them/where to get them?

Thank you! I love the playtray of the month!

Nicole said...

Hi Natalie!
Thanks so much for your comment! If you go to www.safariltd.com, click on "Replicas", and then search for "turtles" you should see a variety of land and sea turtles. I think you then need to search "turtle hatchling" to find the one coming out of the egg. Hope that helps!

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