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Tiny Tadpoles

To create this playtray:

1.  Set your scene on a tray.

2.  Find a set of the Frog's Lifecycle from Safari, ltd.

3.  Boil some tapioca, yes, tapioca! to suggest fish eggs!
And place them in a clear dish.

4.  Find a mini spatula or two...

5.  And add some plastic plant material if you would like!

Don't let the simplicity of this tray fool you.  The kids LOVE
playing with the tapioca and scooping it up with a spatula.

Click here for a printable Tiny Tadpoles idea card.

and use this combination of materials in a bin:

1.  Place some smooth river stones in a large bin.

 2.  Add some rose petals, real or fabric ones.

3. And some nets...

4. and goldfish for catching.

5. Fill your bin with water colored with red and/or yellow food coloring,
and scented with rose essential oil drops. 

6.  Include your plastic plant material...

7.  your frog life cycle...


8. and a whimsical dragonfly...

9.  For a special added touch, place this fun bathtub plug on top of the water
for a finishing touch!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this playtray! Thank you! I can't wait to try it out. We have been using the lids to boot boxes and cookie sheets up until now but I would really like to buy 2 of your nice, white trays. My mom is a kindergarten teacher in and she would like at least one as well. How do we handle purchasing those? Is there a time that we could come by the studio maybe?

Nicole said...

It's great to begin trying this type of play without investing in nicer trays to see if it is something that becomes part of your regular day. And then to purchase some sturdier ones if you feel like its working for you. I often have a handful at Explorations Play Studio for purchase. Also, you can order them from www.discountschoolsupply.com Hope that helps and I am thrilled that the playtrays concept is working for you.

Kelly said...

I purchased extra large restaurant trays to use as our play trays. Our local school and office supply store in Crozet has them (actually began stocking them since I asked for them). They work great and we use them for all craft projects, too in order to contain everything.

Nicole said...

That sounds like a great option, Kelly! Thanks so much for sharing! Maybe I can find one there and have it in the studio for people to see.

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