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Snazzy Snails

Enjoy these last lazy days of summer with these whimsical snails who are enjoying the slower pace of life.  Use a large quantity of corn grits for a great sensory experience without the residue that sand or cornmeal leaves behind.  Enticing sea glass adds a pop of color and the shells with the driftwood help keep our summer memories alive.

To create this playtray:

1.  Pour a large quantity of corn grits into a large bin. 
     Smaller quantities can work on a tray as well.


2.  Find a unique piece of wood.

3.  And some tree blocks.

4.  Then find some sea glass,

5.  seashells,

6.  and some plant material.  Dried Eucalyptus works well, too!

7.  Then introduce your snails to their new home!

8.  And have some FUN!

Click here for the printable idea card for Snazzy Snails!


Cynthia Jordan Fisher said...

Wonderful and so so snazzy and pleasing to the eye these lovely mollusks are!

Nicole said...

You wouldn't think they would be so charming! But we found out they were when we decided to run a week long camp all about THEM!

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