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Pondering Pandas

These Pondering Pandas are so cute that you just can't help but want to join them in their habitat, whether they are eating, climbing a tree or resting by some bamboo.  The added spearmint essential oil to the oatmeal dough makes this playtray impossible to resist!

To create this playtray:

1.  Place your materials on a tray.


2.  Collect some small and large pandas.  Ours are from Safari, ltd.

3.  Add some tree blocks, or other pieces of wood.

4.  And some bamboo stalks,

5. bamboo leaves,

6.  and bamboo knot sticks (snip the ends so they are not so pointy).

7.  Then add some aquarium gravel,

8.  oatmeal,

 9. and silicone baking cups.

10.  Mix up some Spearmint Oatmeal Dough (recipe found on the printable idea card).

11.  Have some fun!
12.  Click here to download the Pondering Pandas idea card!

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