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Outstanding Owls

Owls are amazing creatures and we are only so lucky if we are able to catch site of one! 
But with this playtray they are front and center.  Hard-to-come by brown paper squares are used here for ground cover but can easily be replaced by white stones or even snow-in-seconds as used in Icy Penguins or Howling Wolves.  Ready for take off?

To create this playtray:
1.  Place your materials on a tray.

2.  Find some loose brown pieces.  These brown squares were found
at the Children's Museum's recycle center in Boston, MA.

3. Or some white stones.

4.  Provide some dishes for these items.

5.  Introduce your owls.

6.  And give them some tree blocks to perch on.

7.  Consider adding some cinnamon sticks and wood roses,

8.  And some cypress knees to create a whimsical feel.

9.  Then you are ready for some hands on fun!

Receive a printable idea card for Outstanding Owls here!


Anonymous said...

Is there a way you could provide a link, like you do with the other play tray ideas, that has a printable card.....?

Nicole said...

I just posted the link. Also, we have just used white owls, rice, mirror blocks, and stainless steel cups/scoops, white stones, grey/white speckled stones, etc that have made for a very appealing owl playtray at Explorations. The possibilities are endless!

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