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Nibbling Bunnies

Spring has arrived and so have the nibbling bunnies!  These little ones have fun burrowing, hiding, lounging, and eating their carrots.  Fill a pot or two with moss and flowers and the bunnies couldn't be happier.   The purple pompoms not only add a pop of spring color but also remind us of the softness of a bunny's tail.

To create this playtray:

1.  Set your scene on a tray.

2.  Find some bunnies.

3.  And offer them some dried  carrot pieces!

4.  Then add some wooden napkin rings for them to burrow in...

 5. Some mini terra cotta pots...

6.  Some moss...

7.  and flowers.

 8.  Then maybe cut some wood slices for a path...

 9.  Add some pompoms for softness.

 10.  And one large butterfly to create a whimsical feel.

 11.  And then, with some luck, find a seed pod big enough for them to hide in to finish it off.

 12.  Have fun!

Click here for a printable Nibbling Bunnies idea card and have some fun!

Here is what it can look like with children interacting with Nibbling Bunnies:

This playtray also makes for great spring decor around the house!


Anonymous said...

Our little guy keeps his bunny tray up almost all year round... where can I get the really large white trays you use in your studio for play dough, Nicole? Thanks so much!

Nicole said...

How fun! Have you changed up any of the elements? Or let it as is? I think all the pieces would be fun in some grass.

The large white trays are sold at Explorations Play Studio in Charlottesville at the suggested retail price. Or you can find them at www.discountschoolsupplies.com. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

You have a real gift for creating an environment that encourages creativity in your studio. And now, your playtrays offer parents, caregivers, and teachers ideas that entice children into creative play in their own home and school environments. I mention your studio to parents all the time and have shared your playtray site with our Occupational Therapist.
Laura Early

Nicole said...

Thanks so much, Laura, for sharing our resource with others. It is always exciting to connect with others who appreciate and understand the value in this type of play.

Michele said...

On a recent trip I was able to find most of the materials at a local Michael's store. Instead of a white plastic tray I found a craft box with a lid that was just the right size for my son and niece to dip their hands into and play freely. My sister and brother-in-law were shocked with how long their daughter sat and just played with the materials. I left it as a gift and intend to send them a little 'care package' each month with whatever materials your next delightful play tray consists of - thanks!

Nicole said...

Hi Michele! I love the idea of a craft box! So great that you can just keep the items stored in there and just pull it out in an instant when you need it for play. How lucky your sister is to receive a "care package" every month. What fun!

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