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Icy Penguins

Icy Penguins is nothing but fun! You can't help but to just say, "awwwww..."when you see these guys begging to play but what makes this play tray so great is that you can use either acrylic ice, instant snow, or silica gel for the loose item and they all add a layer of fun in this whimsical play scene.

To create this Playtray

1. Present your gathered materials on a tray.

2.  Find some penguins, large or small.

3.  Add some acrylic ice OR...

4.  Some instant snow OR...

5.  Or some silica gel (crystal cat litter!)

6.  Gather some ice-like cubes

7.  And some large clear iridescent flat marbles.

8.  Clear glass dishes add to the coolness of the scene.

9.  And stainless steel condiment cups.

10.  Click here for a printable Icy Penguins idea card and have some fun!

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