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Howling Wolves

Now does it ever get more inviting than this?!  Howling Wolves is a new Playtray for us at Explorations Play Studio this winter.  How can one possibly resist the temptation to get their hands on these sweet howling creatures?  And then when you add the product Snowinseconds(.com) to it, it becomes irresistible! Use some wooden beads for berries and bring some of the outside in with some evergreen branches and wood stumps.  Add chunks of ice and you have your winter wonderland!

To create this playtray

 1.  Set your scene on a tray.

2.  Begin with some small/large wolves.

3.  Add some instant/real snow.

4.  Then some ice-like material..

5.  Then some real evergreens...

6.  Some real chunks of wood...

7. And some wooden beads 

8. Or some white stones.

9.  Include some spoons.

10.  And dishes.

11.  Click here for a printable Howling Wolves idea card and have some fun!

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