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Happy Hamsters

The only way this hamster could be happier is if he had a friend to play with!  You feel like you are right in the cage the way the cedar chip aroma fills the air!  First feed your hungry hamster and then create some hideways for him to explore!

To create this playtray:
1.  Find a large tray to place materials on.

2.  Place some cedar chips (found at a pet store) in the middle of your tray.

3.  Find some hamster/guinea pig/ mice replicas.

4.  Then find some small dishes,

5.  and some dried beans and/or corn for feeding time.

6.  Then provide a tube,

7.  and blocks for playtime.

8. Experience having fun with these critters without having to change their cage!

Click here for the printable idea card for Happy Hamsters!


Briana said...

I love this idea!!! My kids will go nuts for it, from age 2-7, I know. Where did you get the life-sized hamster replica?

Nicole said...

Hi Briana!
I get all of my replicas from Safari, Ltd. Simply go to their website, and search hamster. They also have guinea pigs that are a little bit larger in size. Hope you find them!

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