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Most of us are familiar with homemade play dough, but have you ever considered making dough with coffee grounds???  Coffee is not what you usually think of when you are thinking of what to offer children to play with, BUT...you might just want to give this recipe a try!  In this situation it definitely smells and feels better than it tastes!

To create this playtray

1.  Present this combination of materials on a tray.

2.  Make some coffee dough.  Receive the recipe when joining the Play-Tray-Of-The-Month Club!

3.  Add some silicone baking cups shaped like teacups.

4.  And some Christmas Lima beans.

5.  And then some "lucky beans" (to suggest super-sized coffee beans!)

6.  And then perhaps a spoon or two.

7.  For a finishing touch, sprinkle some coffee grounds around the tray.

8.  Have fun!

9.  Click here for a printable Expresso-dough idea card and have some fun!


inlehmanstermsblog said...

Oooo! I remember seeing this one at EPS! It smelled so good and the texture was really neat! I will definitely try this at home!

Nicole said...

It is definitely worth trying! I had the recipe on hand for a long time before I tried it. I originally wasn't so inclined to use something coffee scented with children but once I did, it was a hit--with both the kids and parents! The texture is really fun and of course the smell is great (that is if you like the smell of coffee). I felt like I had a coffee shop in the studio!

ImaginationPlay said...

This sounds wonderful, I can't wait to try it! I am inspired to think about making one with Earl Grey Tea and lavender too. Thank you!

Nicole said...

That's great! I love your idea about the Earl Grey Tea. Let us know how that works. In addition to lavender, rosemary essential oil and red food coloring work well, too. Then add some black river rocks, eucalyptus stems, and bamboo boards for a zen experience!

Jessica L. said...

I just did this with my two and they were at it for a LONG time! Making a garden with the beans and the dough... hiding/wrapping the beans in the dough... and making an assembly line ball masher machine (mashing the balls of dough I was rolling for them)... something my son dubbed "the stove-cooker 3000"! They had a great time with it, and I think the grittiness of the dough makes it extra fun!

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