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Cooking Galore!

No animals here!  This tray is all about cooking!  Mix, stir, pour, sift.  Be amazed how this simple set up can keep your little one busy, especially when you are trying to do all of your cooking!  Have fun with different mixtures of dried food products such as those found in the Whole Foods Market bulk section.  What will your Master Chef dream up?

To create this playtray:
1.  Place items on a large tray.

2.  Have fun choosing some dried food products such as lentils,
corn grits (coarser that cornmeal), and beans.

3.  Then add some kitchen tools such as a mini colander,

4.  a bowl,

5.  mini baking pans,

6.  and a mini iron skillet!

7.  Then add a mini spatula,


8.  a silicone sauce brush,

9.  a mini whisk,

10.  and mini tongs.

11.  Share in the delight of your child's creations!

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