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At School

  • Do you wish you knew of more ways to provide hands-on, sensory-rich, imaginary play in your classroom or therapy office?
  • Would you like more ideas besides rice and beans to put in your sensory table?
  • Do you wish you were more creative with your "stations"?
  • Are you on a tight budget and need to be resourceful?
Before Nicole began her business endeavor called Explorations Play Studio in Charlottesville, VA (an aesthetically and purposefully designed play space for young children to explore and discover) she spent over 7 years teaching pre-school and Kindergarten in a liberal arts setting in Washington DC.  She remembers the challenges of having limited funds, energy, and time.  And she also remembers wanting to provide the best hands-on experiences for her students as possible.  Much of her time and energy went to planning her academic curriculum, meeting with parents, co-teachers, and therapists, and therefore did not have much left over for brainstorming new, creative ideas to bring into her classroom.  The "must do" list always came first and "creative thinking time" was put on the wayside. By sharing her ideas with you on Playtray.com, her hope is to inspire you in some way to begin bringing similar experiences to your students that line up with what you are doing in the classroom.

Some benefits you may experience after implementing the Playtray Concept in the classroom are:
  • feeling rejuvenated and re-energized.
  • learning to think "beyond sand and water" for your sensory stations.
  • experiencing smoother transition times.
  • finding more moments in the day where your students are calm and focused.
  • creating fun, enticing stations effortlessly.
  • becoming more resourceful.
  • considering materials for your classroom that you had not thought of before.
Early childhood educators who benefit most from the Playtray Concept  are those who:
  • love to be inspired and then do something about it!
  • would love to get their creative juices flowing again.
  • are on a limited budget.
  • don't have a lot of time on a regular basis to create new activities.
  • are open to experiencing a shift in perspective in possible materials to offer your students.
  • are willing to invest some time and energy during the onset of this shift...

Do you live in or near Charlottesville?  Check out Explorations Play Studio for Workshop and field trip opportunities.