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At Home

  • Would you like to have more fun playing with your child?

  • Do you resort to T.V. or video games more than you would like simply because you are out of ideas?

  • Or would you love some hands-on ideas that encouraged your child to work independently so you were freed up to do your thing?

Nicole, a mother of two young girls, not long ago, realized that her home life was not really matching up to her dreams of raising a family.  She was overwhelmed with all the commercialism and the chaos of raising children.  She found herself feeling more drained instead of inspired.  Over taken by clutter, primary colors, too much T.V., and over-stimulating kid venues, she became discouraged and unsettled as a parent.  So, she decided to do something about it and created Explorations Play Studio in Charlottesville, VA, an oasis aesthetically and purposefully designed to entice children to explore and discover.  And from there, the concept of Playtrays was born!  Nicole's hope is that by offering enticing combination of materials, especially selected for hands-on sensory fun, that a shift in perspective occurs, and that you as a mom, are rejuvenated and invigorated to begin bringing new play opportunities to your child...and most importantly, have fun with your kids in the home.

Some benefits you may experience after implementing the Playtray Concept at home are:
  • Feeling empowered, inspired, and excited, and therefore, feeling like "super mom!"
  • learning to think "beyond toys" 
  • developing an improved ability to be "in the moment"
  • gaining a deeper appreciation of your child
  • experiencing calm, focused work with your child
  • filling in those times of day when you ask yourself "now what?"
Moms who benefit the most from the Playtray Concept are those who:
  • are tired of wondering "what to do next"
  • want to offer more than t.v. or video games as a choice
  • would like quieter play activities in the house
  • want their child to play independently
  • are open to experiencing a shift in perspective on what to present to their child to play with and are willing to invest some time and energy during the onset of this shift.

Do you live in or near Charlottesville?  For play opportunities, check out Explorationsplaystudio.com.