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Nicole Root- Founder

Nicole Root is a master at bringing hands-on, sensory based and open-ended play experiences to young children in an aesthetically and purposefully designed environments.  She is the founder of Explorations Play Studio in Charlottesville, VA that supports children’s innate desire to explore and discover.  Nicole’s creative eye, commitment to quality, and personal connection has inspired hundreds of families to reconsider how they approach play with their children.

Explorations Play Studio has been awarded a family favorite in the Charlottesville area for 3 years in a row and continues to draw more and more families each year who are searching for quality experiences for their children and understand the significance of open-ended play.

Nicole's passion is for creating unique combinations of materials and presenting them to children in enticing ways for play. She also loves creating environments that are appealing and inspiring to both the child and adult.  Her interior spaces and playtrays not only encourage hands-on, imaginary play for healthy development but convey love, respect, and appreciation for children.

Before starting her own business endeavors, Nicole spent over 7 years teaching pre-school and Kindergarten in a liberal arts setting in Washington DC.  Then she reserved time at home to raise her two daughters.  Once having children of her own she realized that the majority of experiences for young children were chaotic, over-stimulating, and draining.  Knowing that this was not the way it had to be she took a year to design Explorations Play Studio and implemented her dream in 2007.  She is now dedicated to working with parents and teachers who want to experience beautiful, calming, purposeful environments for young children to explore and discover and follow their own internal drive.