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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are you over all the plastic, beeping toys that are noisy and create clutter?
Do you wish you knew how to provide more creative play experiences?

Would you like to offer more play opportunities that encouraged focused and independent work? 
Here is a sample of open-ended materials
used when approaching play in a

fresh new way!

Playtrays.com! has been created to inspire moms, early childhood educators, and therapists that are eager to provide hands-on experiences for the young children in their lives and who are searching for endless ways to encourage their child's desire for exploration, discovery, and imaginary play.

Nicole Root, owner of Explorations Play Studio in Charlottesville, VA, has a passion for creating unique combinations of enticing materials that are irresistible to all hands, young and old!  Without batteries, cartoon characters, or primary colors, Nicole has found a way to combine tempting hands-on materials that you may have not considered before, and present them in a way that makes it impossible to pass up. She also demonstrates how you can keep the play fresh and enticing by using the same materials over and over again but in different combinations!  All of the Play Trays ideas that are shared with you have been tested by hundreds of children at Explorations Play Studio. They invite children in to explore, discover, and get lost in the imaginary world! 

Take a quick peek to see what we are talking about!

Some benefits of becoming familiar with the PLAYTRAY concept:
  • Experiencing a mindshift as to what to present to children to play with
  • realizing there are endless possibilities creative, hands-on activities!
  • an understanding that play materials can be used over and over again while keeping activities fresh and alive!  
  • witnessing happy and engaged children
  •  gaining of peace knowing that by providing playtray experiences, you are laying a solid foundation for your child's academic success

Those who benefit the most from the PLAYTRAY concept are those who:
  • have or work with children ages 3-6
  • are tired of annoying toys around the house, classroom, or therapy office
  • want to provide creative, hands-on fun for their child but have run out of ideas
  • believe that children's "play" is their "work".
  • like children to be focused rather than chaotic
  • don't mind a little bit of a mess from time to time!

    Check out our 12 Playtray ideas (scroll back up and look on the right) and then sign up to receive some helpful tips for successful implementation.